What does Student Council do?

In summary, Student Council acts as a representation of the student body, and makes decisions on its behalf. Our goal is to make the Trudeau experience memorable, allowing you to look back on your times in high school and remember what fun you had. Just remember, we are here to enhance the student experience.

What happens when I pay my student activities fee?

By paying your student activities fee, you are shaping a wide variety opportunities outside of the classroom for you and your peers to participate in. The funds collected at the beginning of the year are what allow clubs to run, and pay for large school events such as Blazers Bash and Semi-Formal.

Who can I speak to if I questions regarding club status or funding?

With regards to club status or funding, you can ask any of the SAC members questions you may have. Also, if you would like to know the status of your application, you can contact us through the information listed at the bottom of the page.

What positions are there on the Student Activities Council?

President, Vice-Presidnt, Student Advisor, Communications Chairperson, Technology Chairperson, Publicity Chairperson, Activities Chairperson, External Affairs Coordinator, Junior Treasurer, Senior Treasurer, Secretary, Grade 9 Representative, Grade 10 Representative, Grade 11 Representative, Grade 12 Representative, ELL Representative.

What kind of events does Student Council plan?

Student council coordinates a wide variety of events throughout the school year. For the most part, you are probably aware of the fact that we plan Trudeaumania, school dances, the halloween haunted house, Semi-Formal and Blazers Bash. Well, Student Council does much more than that, as we plan anything that shows enrichment in the Pierre Elliott Trudeau environment.

How are SAC members chosen? Can I join?

More often than not, running for Student Council requires you to prepare a speech, campaign, and be elected for a position. However, positions such as Junior and Senior Treasurer, Technology Chairperson and External Affairs Coordinator do not require a formal speech and campaigning, but rather a written application and formal interview. Candidates for these positions will be selected after completing both stages of the application process.  As we approach late-April/early-May, there will be a post further explaining the process of running for a position on Student Council.

What goes on at council meetings?

For the most part, our meetings look a little something like this:

  • Go over club status/funding applications
  • Plan for the next upcoming event
  • Brainstorm ideas (Committee progress, news, topics of discussion)
  • Briefly present weekly progress

How do I start a club?

First and foremost, you need to have an idea and a vision as to how you want the club to be run. Next, you must find a teacher advisor, who will supervise all meetings and events you choose to hold/participate in. Lastly, you will need to fill out the club request form (found under “Club Resources”) and hand it to Student Council, where we will either declare club status, or ask you to go into further detail regarding a few missed points.

If I have a suggestion, how could I approach SAC?

If you have an idea, suggestion, or want to run a few things by us, any of our council members would be more than happy to provide you with some insight. We are all very approachable, and always ready to take suggestions from the students. We wouldn’t be much of a council if we didn’t!

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